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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
High level of scumbags have hampered this industry. Sometimes you have to meet people halfway. Identity theft has everybody spooked. If you can do it, great. Just don't expect it across the board.
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i completely agree we have ran into many customers not willing to give up their c.c. info and want to pay after service . We find that gaining trust in our area has solved all of these problems. If your company is well known or customers see your trucks on a daily baises more than likely they will trust your service. also a well made website gives you a more professional appearence. We bill our customers c.c. after each service which keeps the cash flowing and operations running great. we went from 150 customers in 2010 to around 450-500 in our cleveland location. The c.c. method really works. I really cant imagine waiting a month to charge customers to much risk. lets just say only 30 customers fail to pay thats around a 900 hit. paying monthly is just to much room for error.
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