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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Most of these things in the OP do equate to more money for the worker although indirectly which will help with retention rates. Most guys would rather stay with someone who values them, truck, cell phone, and other perks than find a new job making 4 dollars more an hour.

Seth Godin has some great books and truly out of the box thinking ideas that apply to running a business. I suggest some of you guys check him out
Yes and you have to be careful with some of these as they could be considered taxable income.

Still not to bad. Back in the day when I worked for Perot Systems. He kept 10 cent soda in the machine, free coffee a nice smoking lounge on the back dock area and pretty flexible hours. At another location, the offices there was a company cafeteria. You swiped your ID card and entered the last 4 digits of your Social. You paid taxes on then 3 or 4 dollars he valued the meal.

I was in the Data center so they brought in sandwiches every Friday for free. Nothing showed up on that for taxes. The Cafeteria was pretty nice and it would have been nice to have one of those at the data center. Rarely did anything go wrong but if it did, there was no such thing as leaving during the crisis.

For that reason I do keep a shop fridge with a few sodas, bottled water and to make ice. I keep Gatorade and a some trail mix packages and some assorted breakfast cakes. I only buy so much each month so when they are gone they are gone. It is mostly just snacks for if they forget breakfast or did not pack a lunch they have something to grab for the day.
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