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Originally Posted by CriderLawn09 View Post
Hey thanks for the info, so i'm sure some one with experience could load with it pretty easy but, prolly not a new hire, We currently have a bobcat 453 skid steer, it has a 36inch bucket and works great, but it being a tire machine we have trouble in mud and have trouble with tearing up turf, so we were hoping replace it with a mini skid so we have less of a foot print (well, we will still keep the 453 it has its purposes). We have a big skid we do our big loading with, but thanks again for the info and great work!
No problem. You'll definitely have less of a footprint with a miniskid. We switched to turf tracks, and they've been great. We do put plywood down from time to time if there are tight turns to be made to prevent any damage. But driving straight or gentle turns are no prob.

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