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Originally Posted by TurfWerks View Post
I would love to have a 200 gallon, but it won't fit in the back of my truck.. I'm using a Nissan Pick up for now bc its what I had to start.. I'm adding a 50 gallon nurse tank to my 50 gallon spray unit. Once I purchase a bigger truck I'll be looking into a 200 gallon space saver also..
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In your particular case, I can see why you purchased what you did.

I'm going to pick up a 300 gal pickup truck tank I bought through Dultmeier tomorrow. It slides in a full sized pick up and fits over the fender wells. The tank was just over 300 dollars. It cost $220 to ship it to Little Rock. (I still haven't figured that one out). so I will have $520 total in it. I'm mounting a Hypro D30, Honda 5.5 and a Hannay reel to a mini frame to be placed behind the tank in the bed of the truck. This will be the 2nd unit I've done this way. It works out well and is about the cheapest way I know of to convert a smaller capacity unit to a higher capacity unit given you have a decent quality pump, motor and hose reel on hand. This is not a conversion for me but could be for you when the time comes...and it will.

For the OP...Riggle is absolutely correct. 150 ft of hose will not be enough. You need a minimum 300 ft of hose. A Hannay 1500 series reel will hold 300 ft of 1/2 inch hose. It will hold 400 ft of 3/8 inch hose. I run 400 ft of 3/8 inch on all of my lawn units and still occasionally fall short on length.
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