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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
ELS - I love the small snacks rack! I get coffee most mornings for them but that little idea of just so many snack items each month is a great one. Gonna try it....there's a beer fridge but that's for our R&R day each month. =D

I have a Sam's card and will stock up there. They have a variety pack of trail mix with something like 18 3 or 4 oz packs. They also have various snack cakes too. SAM's even carries the BIMBO brand. I will grab some orange soda as that is what they seem to like and two cases of bottled water.

I added a water filters with one of those little taps and mounted it to the shop sink. It is deep enough to hold the cooler while it fills up. They guys will grab a little ice but they do not like super cold water either, they add just enough to keep the water from getting hot.

I picked up a case of Gatorade mix at granger. They do not use it to make up a cooler full like the pack is designed to do. They cut the corner off the pack and just add a little to a bottle of water and fill it from the cooler. They said they like water in the AM and only hit the gatorade in the hot afternoons. I have not done inventory but I think I have 1/2 a case left from last summer.

I am not even sure any of my guys drink beer. I know two that do not drink at all.
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