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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
I really don't care if you believe me or not. I'm not here to prove myself or to be "better" than anyone. I marketed my butt off and was a lowballer last season and thats why I got so many calls. I posted multiple times a day on craigslist starting January 1st last season, went to tons of neighborhoods putting out fliers starting February 1st and I had a few really good clients that really helped spread the word. I advertise I don't do contracts, and its a flat rate $25 for under 1/2 acre and THATS why I got so many calls. I did get myself into some lawns that were worth much more than $25 but the majority of the lawns I felt $25 was fair.

As far as not returning calls and not following up with every voicemail. It was impossible for me to do while trying to work at the same time.
You shouldn't have led the consumer along that you could do lawns so cheap. You totally did it azz backwards by lowballing the area. All you did was give the consumer a taste of cheap, below market prices. Now they think everyone should be that cheap. You definitely tarnished more then you shined.

About the 30 calls, you never said you were/are a lowballing scrub. That explains a lot. Had you went about it the right way, you would have made close to the same money the first year by pricing services correctly and having less work load. It's not about getting as many lawns to service as possible in one year. You should be trying to build your business at a pace that allows you to stay in control and grow to a goal. You can't reach that goal over night or in the first year. It's obvious you don't have a business plan drawn up if you went out and lowballed your area. I don't want to hear about it being "my first year" so I had to do what it took. That's "winging" it and is like going down a dark road with no lights and hope you don't run into something.
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