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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
Thats why this year I plan to do things differently. I know the going rates and know whats fair to charge. I plan to get a zero turn as well to help speed things up on lawns that I can and the others with gates or slopes ill be using my walk behind.
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You don't want to do things differently the second year in business. Sit back and draw up a business plan. Had you done this first, you wouldn't have to "do things different" after one year. I knew where I should be financially before I opened. As in I knew what I should be making TODAY/this year and I'm actually above that figure at this point. I have a good handle on things and don't have to reflect on my business plan anymore. You however will be changing things around every year for years to come just trying to find out how to do things. You put the buggy before the horse. Not only that, you'll have to figure out a way to convince the consumers in your area to pay you more after you advertized a cheap price. You'll learn the hard way but you'll learn.
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