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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
Lots of these suggestions are great and will work. They also can cause problems as mentioned. It ALL has to do with your employees you've chosen and how you run your business. If all your employees care about is money, then you have the wrong employees. Pure and simple. YOU have to care and have passion for your work and your employees! Then, with the right employees who ALSO have a passion for their work and care about others, these small things mentioned will really help and go a long way to showing appreciation.

this is also very true, but mostly due to the extreme lack of any actual quality individuls that are out there going into lawn care. lets face it, anyone as only a worker aint gonna be raking in the bucks in this field. the tighter the economy gets, the more money is the ONLY thing anyone cares about. it is what gets them by.
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