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i'm gonna tell you from personal experience. i was the "noob" guy before. i worked for a company. i always hated the job and didn't think much of the boss because he put me trimming all day while the other 2 guys got to sit down and mow mostly and just do a little trimming. at the end of every day all i could think about was man this isn't fair. it didn't make me wanna hang around more to get to a point where i could sit on a mower by any means. all it made me wanna do is quit which i did end up doing after the season was over. it was very disheartening and discouraging to me. all it did was push me away. it didn't encourage me to work harder or stay around longer. to be honest it made me not even care about the job.

i don't think bosses realize this. i dunno what it is. maybe they've never had to work for someone else before so they don't know what it's like? i really dunno. i guess since i've worked for other people most of my life i understand how it is. i would probably be the best boss in the world because i know what it's like on the other side. the thing is i don't even want to be a boss. i hate telling other people what to do or making them do the hard work and such because i've been there and i know what it's like. i guess that's why i prefer to just work alone and stay solo. there's no way i would hire some mexican to trim all day while i sat my butt on a mower all day even if i was the boss. that's just wrong man. that's treating the worker like a slave if you ask me.

buying all of your workers lunch is a good idea. do it for all of them at the same time though. don't just buy it for one of them like a crew leader. that will make the workers hate the guy who is in charge over them. a crew leader would be making more money anyways so there's no need for "special" treatment unless you do it for all of your workers.

i know the way i think is contrary to the american way of doing business. perhaps that's why i hate working for other people and why i quit my jobs in the past though? you should see the bosses in japan for example. the top guy does the same work as the noob guy that just walked in on his first day. i think american bosses could learn alot from that example.

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