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Originally Posted by Ijustwantausername View Post
Thanks all for the input, should I make a skid, or buy one already made like a space saver? I know nothing about all the pump jargon that's been used, so could you all help with that? I like to spend the money the first time and make it right to last. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the components a tank, reel/hose, motor, pump, spray gun/boom and structure to hold all of that?

Also, the smaller size was indeed because of the size of my truck. I run a Toyota Tundra with a tool box and ext. cab, so it is cramped back there. I will have a spare trailer as I use two, one for fall and one for summer, but I've heard a trailer isn't the best for a sprayer - maybe I'm wrong?

They aren't the worst either. I hauled my first sprayer( a 200 gal unit) on a trailer. I have 5 spray units now and 2 of them are hauled on trailers still. Center your tank weight over the axles and make sure they are rated to carry the load. A little less manueverable...sure...but not that big of a deal. Back to what you need to look for in a sprayer whether it's new or used.

At least 5.5HP motor( I prefer Honda)

A Hypro pump (at least a model D-252) There are others

An electric hose reel(I prefer Hannay 1500 series)Coxreel is an option

Tank- At least a 100 gal in my opinion. 200 if hauled on a single axle trailer with 3500lb axle.Tandem axle for 300 gal .Your truck limits you on capacity. The trailer helps overcome that obstacle.

Your choice on gun/boom

The more capacity you can get initially, the longer you can go.without an upgrade. The cost will be close either way because the tank is one of the cheaper components of the spray rig.
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