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Originally Posted by CriderLawn09 View Post
Great work man! I read threw the whole thread over the past week, and nice work, and sharp trucks and equipment! We are both the same age and i love to see guys like us who work hard and have great success! And i had a question about your dump truck, how does it do when you load it around 5 tons, does it grunt to lift it at all? I had an electric over hydro on my f-superduty and the muncie pump ran off the fan belt and after changing clutch packs every year (because they would wear out every five dumps lol) it wouldnt pick up 2 tons, but mine has a 5 speed tranny so i put a pto pump on it and it will lift way more than you can put on the truck with ease 6+ tons (i only haul 5 or so on it) but i understand yours is electric and i was just wondering how it does, my ez dump is electric but doesnt have the pump i seen on yours in your pics (mine will do like 2 ton its on a 3/4 ton pickup) sorry for the long post, but once again nice work man!
Most I ever put in it was like 4.5 ton and thats way over capacity. Truck holds it fine and dumps it fine never struggled at all but when I have that big of a load the truck itself driving has alot of trouble. We have alot of hilly terrain here and the truck struggles going up hills loaded.

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