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I also think it will serve purpose, but mulching long spring grass like people did with the timemaster is just a bad idea. I find even a 21" commercial can bog when mulching long wet grass, but side chuting does fine. Im sure side chuting will be fine and mulching on weekly cuts. I will get one for sure, its more nimble then even a 32wb and wont scalp as much, thats for sure plus a 32wb doenst cut dips and humps very well, not like how a 21 follows contours. Only time will tell, but I've been waiting for something like this to bridge the gap between 21" mower and 32" wb for a while, now I can get a 48 wb/stander for larger plots and variate between a 21 and this 30 for the rest. Just my thoughts, I mainly do small residential, where a 30 could fit but a 32wb, would be a pain and deliver a poor finished product(scalps, high/low spots and lots more trimming in corners and such).
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