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Originally Posted by etap View Post
I have a 05 commercial Husqvarna,with 350 hrs. On the Hydraulic fluid tank,has use 15w-50 mobil 1 syn oil. My question is,I know your all mowers are newer,and more expensive than mine,so could you tell me what weight oil that you are using,to make the pumps last as long as possible because of alot of heat to get rid of .This machine looks just like the BOB-Cat fast cat 48,but I am not able to get any free infomation from them. I thank you for your help!
Just disregard that sticker, it's useless!! Use 90wt. gear oil instead. MUCH cheaper, and works much better than what the mfg. recommends !!! Oh yeah, don't forget to add some Sea Foam!!
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