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Since you're a work in progress and recognize you need to add contact info to each page (not just a link to the Contact page), I'll hit some other key areas of need...

I haven't looked at a site in quite a while, but in a look at their code, I would rank them quite low (inline styling, in this day and age, is not the best way to go).

In a couple of searches, you share duplicate content with another site or two. One is in your area (given the identical "Proudly servings..." list), so it seems someone is borrowing someone else's writing.

Fonts: The bright white on brown is a bit difficult to read (in fact, I'm struggling to actually read the site due to this). Sometimes white fonts work, sometimes they don't. In this instance, I don't think it works well.

You might want to increase the font size from 13px to 14px and the line height from 16 to 18. Definitely helps with the readability. Also, watch for paragraph spacing. Some don't have line breaks between them, such as at the top of the maintenance page. You'll definitely want to apply these suggestions to the testimonials page.

Watch for font use consistency. You seems to change from arial to times new roman, and bold/not bold.

It would look more professional to use your domain name for you email and not comcast's.

Links in Content: I think I moused over everything underlined/accentuated in the content of your pages, but I don't see that any of them are links. Now that I reread your note, I see that there are pages I missed. The home page pics seem to be the only links to some of the main content of your site. I now see the parenthetical mention to click the pics to find out more. If you have to explain to someone how to navigate, this means there are clearly better ways to lead people through your site. Another issue is that, if I then reflexively mouse over the text on the pics, the words Design, Build, Maintain" are not linked.

Design Page: Unless I know what I'm looking at...I don't really know what I'm looking at. Adding context to pics will help search engines and your potential customers.

Patio Paver page is a great example of pictures and written context. Well done. You vary on your font use again, this time with the content all in bold.

Watch out for typos. I'm finding several. ("Despithe" on the Paver page, "recieve" on the Services page)

Maintenance Pics page needs contextual content.

I see the "reveal" on the design page, but I don't know what it's really adding. To me, it's an example of using Flash for Flash's sake as the revealed pic is nothing different than the other pics on the page.

The Contact Us image of the hand really doesn't fit the visual aesthetics of the other components.

SEO-wise, there seems to be no real basic implementation of the standard. Page TITLEs could stand to be rewritten, with H tags, meta descriptions, etc needing to be utilized as well. There are links to a couple of good resources in the Tri-City review thread.

Questions or clarifications, just yell.
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