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Jim, Jim,'re missing the split your bi-weekly accounts so half are on one week and the other half on the opposing week, so there is no hole. You wouldn't replace 30 weekly accounts with 30 bi-weekly accounts, you'd replace them with 60 bi-weekly accounts. The point is that you get twice as many next door neighbors, twice as many people to refer me to friends, neighbors and relatives. You have to pick bi-weekly accounts so that they're accounts that really don't need to be cut every week. And I think I said this earlier, but I do reserve the right to cut them "as-needed" during peak growth in the spring.

I think in your case it would be more of an image problem than anything just wouldn't want to be seen on some of them.

P.S. - So you also get twice as many spring and fall cleanups, which in my area can be a substantial money maker.
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