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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Jim, Jim,'re missing the split your bi-weekly accounts so half are on one week and the other half on the opposing week, so there is no hole.
Well, that really only works if the two bi-weekly accounts are in the exact same area. Otherwise, you're driving clear across town one week and another part of town the following week.

We do just about 300 accounts. They are very tight routes. All the homes on any given service day are usually within a mile or two of each other. If I was going to take on a bi-weekly account, the other bi-weekly account would have to be in the same small area, otherwise, it would mean we'd be driving a ways outside of our standard route.

Plus, even if they WERE in the same exact neighborhood and I was doing one landscape one week and the other landscape the second week, I'd still have 50-100% more work to do when I arrived after 2 weeks of the lawn growing, 2 weeks of weeds growing, 2 weeks of leaves falling, etc. No thanks! I find it pretty easy to pick up weekly accounts. My competitors can have the cheap-skate bi-weeklies.
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