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Jim: I've learned enough about you and your business over the years that I know bi-weekly accounts would not fit your business model. But for some of us they can work out pretty well. And yes, my bi-weekly routes are in two different areas, but they're still nearby and fairly tight. It's just one day a week. $21K/year is a substantial amount to us smaller operators...well it is to me anyway. Some people have a hard time with this, but I'm not looking to grow my business to having crews...I'm happy with it being a small family business, but I am always looking to grow my revenue and increase my profitability, and for that bi-weekly accounts can fit the bill nicely. I have a hard time turning down an account pays me $1,000 per year for their spring and fall cleanups at a rate of $60/hr plus hauling fees just because I only cut the grass 15 times a year instead of 26 times.
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