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Awesome,thank you for your in depth analysis.

First, I purposely neglected the contact info on each page except the actual contact page. I have specific data I want people to guide towards, and when I had my phone# on the home page, they wouldn't go past it. and the instruction is for mobile- when I looked on my ipad, i noticed there is no indication that you can click it. I did not, however, know that underlined words were supposed to link, and when I tried to link the design- build -maintain to a page I just couldn't figure it out. so this is where I felt I could publish the site and stop pulling my hair out.

The "proudly servicing" is for the sake of the search engines and I listed every thing I could think of. and the reveal is, as I said, just experimenting with it, and is for the sake of trying it out....... is that flash?.

but I will definitely "pick a font" and figure out where the spell check is.
underlining is to make a point but I guess I should let the reader decide what is relevant info.

"Design Page: Unless I know what I'm looking at...I don't really know what I'm looking at. Adding context to pics will help search engines and your potential customers." you mean adding a caption or describing each picture?
definitely a good idea.

homestead is usually easy to do basic stuff, and I would normally recommend them to someone on a budget like I am, but they are updating their site and it has a lot of bugs in the new format so that I was typing 3 words and saving and on the phone all weekend with tech.

I am this close to chunkin the money for a pro site builder, but if I can get my spelling and structure together it can be real good.
I'm not a website/ computer guy so you may have to "dumb it down" for me a bit in the future. I'll post again when I fix the font/structure, thanks again.
Don Bullis-

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