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Used truck prices

I recently sold my 85 dodge because of a blown head gasket along with it begging to rust. It was a great truck that I bought when I was 16 and used it for 6 years. So I have been looking at used trucks (not a fan of buying new). My requirments are simple, reg cab, 2500 or 3500, does not have to have power anything, 4x4 Diesel or gas (per diesel). Under 100000 for gas and ill take over 100 for a diesel. I cannot find anything for a decent price. I did a search on auto trade for 2003 chevy 2500 gas today. You cant find any of them for under 10000. Most of these trucks have 80-100 thousand miles. I mean I know you wont get something for nothing however 15000 for a gas regular cab that is damn close to 13 years old. Do places negotiate these prices or are they firm? Money is not much of an objective (ill spend money) but like I said I wont get ripped off. Ill most likely end up with a cummins probably a 2000-2002 but those prices are rediculous were talking 15000 for a 01 with 168000 miles. Do you all have these same problems? Were did you find deals? Is it just like this around me or is this every were?
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