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Jim: I don't think we really disagree, we're just in different places. I wouldn't take bi-weekly customers if I were you either, lol.

Weaver: See, I have a finite amount of manpower too, so to me it's all about optomizing my $/hour and having flexibility. Lets say it rains on Wednesday and I can't cut them. My weekly customers still get cut on schedule and the EOW ones get cut as I can get to them. They get bottom priority and all but lose their right to complain. And keep in mind that these accounts are cut EOW because that's all they need most of the time. If I feel they need to be cut weekly in May and June that's what I do. And in the summer they still get cut EOW and are paying me extra even though they don't take any more time then. I don't expect to convince anyone to go dumping their weekly customers to take on EOW ones, I'm just trying to explain that there are some positives to having them and why I personally continue to offer it as an option.
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