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Yea, I tried the cell phone idea twice and that didn't work. The first guy would go to a job and spend most of his time talking to his girl friend and not getting the work done. The second guy would end up talking to his girlfriend for night , going over his minutes, and then I'd get stuck with roaming charges. Then, when I'd try to get in touch with him, he wouldn't answer the phone!!!!!!!!!!Yea, that idea didn't work at all. I can see letting him drive a company truck being a total disaster also...I agree with everyone else. For some reason(It may be me), the better I treat an employee, the more he takes advantage of me. I've taken them out to lunch/dinner to show appreciation, bought them drinks/snacks/cigs, picked them up/dropped them off, taken them to probation. They just end up crapping on you and taking you for granted.
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