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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
i don't see how having set prices for services is demanding.

you don't go to the grocery story and haggle over the price of a dozen eggs. you don't go to best buy and haggle over the price of the computer your trying to buy.

something closer to our work, you don't call up the electrical company and try and get a cheaper price. you don't haggle over what the plumber charged you to fix your toilet. those places provide a service just like we do. why should we set up our business so we can haggle price?

i mean if you want to set things up that way, thats your business. but i don't think it's demanding and there is nothing wrong with set prices. it sure makes things easy on me. i give the estimate and they either hire me or they don't. i don't have to fool around with lowering the price or refiguring my price to see just how low i could go.

some would also add that it depends on how hungry you are for business and i would agree. most of the years my schedule has been pretty much full so i'm not really ever in great need of new business so if they don't want to pay my price thats fine i really don't need the business anyway. remember i'm solo and wanting to stay solo. that means i have a certain amount of slots for the week and once there full, i'm not taking on anymore until there is an opening.

one time jobs are done in the order they are received. regular service is as i said, once my weekly slots are full no one gets in until i either fire a client or they fire me. i work between 40 and 50 hours a week. no more, usually no less.
Actually have gotten a lower price for electricity. The trick is not to be a commodity or an off the shelf product.
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