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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
I guess it all comes down to if im working and making profit doing what I love then im happy.

At $25 per lawk (take $5 for expenses) leaves $20 per lawn. If I do 8 a day thats $160 profit a day. Minimum wage is 7.25 hr in NC so $58 for 8 hrs so im making $102 more than I woulld be making flipping burgers. Trust me thats good money imo. I dont have to drive a brand new truck, have a huge house, or eat steak every night to be happy.

In charlotte theres TONS of lowballers. Ive even had ppl bid lower than me asking $25 but theres also tons of people wanting lawn care because the hufe company they had charges $50 for doing a crappy job and I come in asking $35 and do much better and I usually always get tips.
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I really am trying to help you here. You are not making $20hr if you are only charging $25. There's no way $5 will cover even the tightest and smallest run business. You for obvious reasons are not doing things correctly. Even if the market in your area is low priced, you're still not doing all the math correct. You re setting yourself up for a big hit without insurance, a registered business, taxes just to name a few. If you keep going like you are, you'll have that much more trouble trying to correct everything you've done wrong just in one year. It could take even longer to get established at this point.

You need to sit down and make a list of every single expense that a lawn service business encounters. From the stamps you use to mail invoices to the tube of silicone gasket maker you used to repair a mower. Once you add all that up, you'll begin to see that the $5 you thought was covering expenses is a drop in the bucket. You'll then seek out higher paying customers and also stop the flooding of your phone with useless calls asking if you can do it cheaper.

As for thenewguy123 saying you can't get a break, well you have to have some common sense to run a business. If all you keep doing is backwards or wrong things then you won't get a break. Try heeding the advice from someone a little bit more wise and do things the right way. It WILL save you time and frustration in the end.

Start writing things down today. You may not remember or know everything all at once. Just keep jotting down anything you think is a expense. There's your start. Good luck and be sure to post a list of what you have going so myself or others can continue to help you along.
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