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Billy goat dl25 and dl18 need help

I replacing my old giant vac leaf loader. I'm undecided between the.billy goat dl25 and dl18. The 18 has 3700cfm and 25hp has 4400cfm. I'm not 100% choosing the billy goat but I'm strongly leaning towards it because it is light enough to front mount with a lot of cfm at 371lbs for the 25hp. If I go smaller I'm open to other brands. Any imput from owners? Are you happy with the 12" intake even in heavy wet leaves? I old love to hear from someone who owns or uses dl25 and has also used smaller 16-18hp. Which did you prefer? Was the jump in power and cfm worth the extra cost? Is the larger hose a problem with wet leavese? Any thing else you can think of would be great.

My old machine was a giant vac 16 hp swing away unit.. Anyone who used one of those and updated to a different type/brand/size I'd love to hear the comparison. I am not at all I the rested in any trailer leaf loader. I must be able to front mount
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