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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
Awesome,thank you for your in depth analysis.
No problem at all.

First, I purposely neglected the contact info on each page except the actual contact page. I have specific data I want people to guide towards, and when I had my phone# on the home page, they wouldn't go past it.
While I get what you're trying to do (and disagree with it), I don't see where there's any marketing/informational funnel that would match the premise you seem to be operating under.

and the instruction is for mobile- when I looked on my ipad, i noticed there is no indication that you can click it. I did not, however, know that underlined words were supposed to link
Underlined words can either link or not. It's more an issue of their consistency on one site or another. When I point out the issue of the words on the home page overlaying the pictures that you're using for navigation, I'm saying that, when I attempt to click the picture as instructed, it is a link. If I try to click the text you have overlaying it (design, build, maintain), those are not linked, therefore causing a visitor to potentially miss that there is anything linked at all.

The "proudly servicing" is for the sake of the search engines and I listed every thing I could think of.
To clarify, I was pointing out that your site, and two other sites, feature the exact same content. By this, I mean three sites have content that was either borrowed/stolen/copied/whatever. Google frowns on duplicate content. I specifically point out the "proudly servicing" because another local company uses that exact same wording and list, as you are. That other site also has the paragraph or two that I checked on your site on their's. Google "duplicate content" for more info.

and the reveal is, as I said, just experimenting with it, and is for the sake of trying it out....... is that flash?.
I think you're thinking I'm referring to "flashy", whereas I'm referring to "Flash", the animation technology that relies on a plugin. When you load that page on your iPad, do you see that reveal?

but I will definitely "pick a font" and figure out where the spell check is.
underlining is to make a point but I guess I should let the reader decide what is relevant info.
There is no problem with underlining points. I prefer them to be bold, but that's because I also use underlined links. You mentioned you had links within your content. I didn't actually find any, so if they're underlined like your other text, I could have missed them for this reason.

"Design Page: Unless I know what I'm looking at...I don't really know what I'm looking at. Adding context to pics will help search engines and your potential customers." you mean adding a caption or describing each picture? definitely a good idea.
Yup. If you did that, everyone wins.

I'm not a website/ computer guy so you may have to "dumb it down" for me a bit in the future. I'll post again when I fix the font/structure, thanks again.
No worries. That's why we help people with these. Just yell when you need an assist or another walk through. Cheers.
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