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Trying to answer my own question. Below is one description. I did not try the banging between tightening part. I will try that on the other one.

How do you remove the deck pulley on a scag 61inch?

Remove the 2 bolts(should be 1/4 bolts) on top of the deck pulley, screw them in the threaded holes next to where they just came from(spray a little oil on them also), and start tightening them little by little, alternating from one to the other. they will get extremely tight, when they get like that I take a large diameter punch and put as close to the center of the pulley under the bushing your screws are screwed into and give it 2-3 hard smacks with a hammer. Then continue screwing the small bolts again, the bolts will eventually push the pulley off of the tapered bushing. to remove the bushing tap a small flat blade screwdriver into the split on the end and pull it off
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