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Originally Posted by pjm123a View Post
What did I do wrong?
You didn't do anything wrong. The error was made when the parts were assembled. A dab of anti-seize does wonders for getting parts that may become rusted together, back apart. If they had put anti-seize on it then you wouldn't have had anywhere near the trouble getting it back apart.

I've only ever seen one mower company use anti-seize and that was Gravely. I had a 1997 Pro 50 walk behind and had to replace the tranny. I was dreading trying to get the pulley off of the input shaft without destroying it. I popped the circlip off and the pulley literally fell off. They had put anti-seize on it at the factory.

BTW, I use a whole lot of anti-seize. If I have to run a steel bolt into aluminum it gets either anti-seize or Loctite. It may seem like the use of Loctite would make it harder to get the bolt back out but it doesn't. Once you get the bolt to turn then they come out nice and easy. The Loctite prevents corrosion from forming in the steel to aluminum threads. You want to use Loctite Blue 242. It's the easiest to break loose.

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