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How are you full services accounts set up?

Alright guys, I want to hear some of the experienced business owners weigh in on this subject. Of course all of us are in search for those customers who want their landscape in showcase condition year round and are willing to pay for it. What is your definition of full service? Is it mowing, bed maint, shrub trimming/pruning, fert & squirt, fall clean up etc..... Are you guys estimating the total annual cost for these services and billing them over 12 months? Lets say for example after quoting services the annual cost to the client would be $4500, $4500/ 12 months= $375 monthly. Would this be an option or are there different methods for billing? How are you billing? I have been sending emails and hard copies by snail mail.
Here in South Carolina we generally get about 8 - 8.5 months mowing but there are a few other things to keep some what busy. Im looking for a way to create 12 months of income with customers on an annual contract/ service agreement. I am aware that every customer will not want 12 months of service and all will not want to sign a service agreement. Would like to hear your thoughts, opinions, and systems that you plan to implement or currently have in place with your company..................
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