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If I try to click the text you have overlaying it (design, build, maintain), those are not linked, therefore causing a visitor to potentially miss that there is anything linked at all.
......I agree completely, when I tried to do that it did not work, and in fact, turned the words into a lime green, so I'm still working on it.- as I mentioned, the site i'm using to build it has a lot of bugs in their recently updated version, so hopefully i'll have it sorted soon. in fact I changed a lot of the font and underlines you mentioned, but could not on some pages- will try word pad and pasting.

"proudly servicing"

......I can change it to
1) Superior service of the following locations...
2) we CRUSH our competitors in....
3) we work as unto the lord in....... ...and as unto ourselves in other areas.

I think you're thinking I'm referring to "flashy", whereas I'm referring to "Flash", the animation technology that relies on a plugin. When you load that page on your iPad, do you see that reveal?
yeah, I'm like a child with a gun...

There are two kinds of people who will view my ad. The ones who will say "oh, this site looks nice"...and the other who will notice the syntax, and font sizes, layout etc... and and pick it apart for that reason and miss the fact that we do good work.
Unfortunately, the latter tends to be the more educated, with disposable income so I really need to gear the site towards them, so I really appreciate your insight. feel free to check out the site later in the week and see what changes I may have made by then. I would do it today, but I had a full weekend of it and need to de-stress with different work lol
Thanks again.
Don Bullis-

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