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I run 3 old trucks. Not even considered late model at this point. My Ford '94 F350 now has 280,000 miles. I picked it up 7 years ago and haven't put $6000 into it including tires. It is still presentable and gets worked hard with heavy towing. My '79 Chevy C65 I picked up for $4000, I've put about 3000 into it in 5 years. Will be needing a set of tires so some money will be going into it this year. Least presentable of the trucks is my little mazda B2600. Got it for $600 and had to do some work to get it going. now total I have put $1300 into it and have taken it on road trips over 500 miles. I can't justify a new truck at this point. I think you have to understand what repairs are being needed. Some repairs are needed every so many miles whether a truck is new or old. The more miles the more replacement parts will be needed. The good side is after the repairs are done at least that part of the truck is new again and shouldn't be a problem for a while. You repair costs seem very high.
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