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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
I guess it all comes down to if im working and making profit doing what I love then im happy.

At $25 per lawk (take $5 for expenses) leaves $20 per lawn. If I do 8 a day thats $160 profit a day. Minimum wage is 7.25 hr in NC so $58 for 8 hrs so im making $102 more than I woulld be making flipping burgers. Trust me thats good money imo. I dont have to drive a brand new truck, have a huge house, or eat steak every night to be happy.

In charlotte theres TONS of lowballers. Ive even had ppl bid lower than me asking $25 but theres also tons of people wanting lawn care because the hufe company they had charges $50 for doing a crappy job and I come in asking $35 and do much better and I usually always get tips.
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I'm curious in your example how it only costs you $40 per day to operate? Maybe it was just an example, but I have to agree with Orangemower you really should sit down and figure out your TRUE operating costs, not trying to tear you down just trying to help
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