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Originally Posted by PushnSnow View Post
You pay with peanuts and all you get is monkeys. That's what my dad said when I was a kid. He had a very small construction business. Put in 18 hour days. Paid his employees better than union wages. He had one of the best crews around. The bottom line is minimum wage, $10/hr and even $15 an hour are not livable wages. You want a professional crew, you must pay them a livable wage. If this industry can't support livable wages for employees, then it's time for the industry to die off and the grass to grow wild. If you don't pay a livable wage to your employees, where they can survive and live in a house and buy food for their family, you will never have the kind of employees you can trust to drive your truck home. You will never have the employees that put your interests first and want to take care of you, their boss and friend. As a business owner, I'll never pay an employee inadequately. I'm a new business with over 20 years of management experience. Last place I worked, they paid the kid that washed their paving trucks over $20 an hour. He put in 12+ hour days all summer long, sometimes 6 or 7 days a week. Every employee that works for that company would do just about anything for the company and the owners. I'd still be there if medical issues with my wifes family hadn't forced me to move to Minnesota. And when they call, I'll always do whatever I can to help them out. Over 100 employees feel that way towards that company, and I'd say with no doubt that not one of them would take advantage of the brothers that own it. That's how you get quality employees. Take care of them. They are the greatest asset your company will ever have.
monkeys don't eat peanuts. they eat bananas lol. i don't believe you can afford to pay livable wages in this industry. most crew guys around here make $8-$10/hr. that's nowhere near a liveable wage if you are talking about owning their own house and everything. a living wage would be more like $15-$20/hr which is double what they get paid now.
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