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Originally Posted by Marek View Post
Wasnt sure how to title this. How much money have you guys put into your trucks to keep them on the road afert hey are out of warranty? Iwas going thru the files on 2 of our 02 7.3 trucks and realized we have put over 35% of the new cost into these 2 trucks to keep them on the road. Now we are talking repairs not tires or fluid changes or paint and body. I will be the first to say that we are not easy on our trucks but these numbers seem high to me. The 02 f350 pick up has had over 13k put into it out of the warranty period.And the first 100k it was my personal truck and it now has 181k on it .What are you guys seeing on your trucks and would like to hear other brands too.
ford circled the problem

It depends I had a water pump go down at 79k $300 dollars $79 in front brake pads 2 two sets of tires in 105k of multi driving $1300 est will need at some point to replace a rear axle bearing seal .
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