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Originally Posted by excel View Post
I've heard the V.K. materials suggested before. Given the down time in winter, im working on updating my estimating process. I'm concerned that the materials are so old, IE is a book from 1997 still relevant today? Will the production rates still hold value? Its a pain in the ass to get the book (ive been looking around) and before I call up V.K. I want to make sure that its worth the effort. Any Pro's/ Con's on the suggested book? Other possible suggestions?
The types of production he gives you should hold true.

You can always estimate mowing 8 mph @ 6 feet wide with simple math. He also gives Low Medium and High for Residential vs commercial crews so there is a wide range from you to review.

The main thing is to look it over and develop your own based on his system.

The theory is production does not change but labor rates do. Particularly with things like tossing sod, digging holes, planting, breaking up concrete.... He also breaks down how estimate the hourly cost of various pieces of equipment.
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