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you should be keeping receipts for business only trucks and maintenance (not personal trucks) , mower gas, (not truck gas if you claim mileage), oil, mix oil, blades, trimmer line, any lawn equipment purchased, fliters, grease, grease gun, any tools used for your business, blade sharpeners, loppers used to trim shrubs, gloves, earplugs, protective glasses, hats, business only clothing and shoes, tires bought for mowers, tire plugs bought to fix flat tires, tire slime if used, advertisement, licenses, roundup or any fertilizer or anything used, materials used such as mulch and so forth, etc. etc. etc. anything used for your business can be written off.

you can probably write off gatorade or bottled water maybe your cooler and even ice used on the job but i've never done it. i'm not totally sure about that one. usually i don't buy much though. i just take a big drink with me in the morning and get another at lunch.

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