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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Everyone here works between 40-50 hours a week. We don't work weekends. That's pretty consistant on the hours.

I pulled out of the field around year 5 or 6.

If you work 80 hours a week you're working harder, not smarter. If you say I can't get everything done, you don't deligate. If you say you can't afford to hire someone to do your job, you're not charging enough or you're spending too much. It's a balancing act,
Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I think you're the 1% that will just disagree with what anyone finds successful on here because they're not a solo operator. Numerous threads you've done this and not sure why...... It's almost as if anyone has a positive about not be a solo operator you arrive to just say.....whatever.....something negative about it. Sheesh.
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I highlighted in red what my comments were in regard to.

etws statement is NOT 100% correct for all of us. I have nothing against those that want to have employees. but I do see a lot who have employees who seem to have something against those that are solo.

I feel the need to defend the solo side because of comments like you have a job not own a business if you can't take time off and still make money. solo guys own a business every bit as much as those with crews/employees.

it's almost as if I say anything about anything and someone shows up to say.....whatever.....something negative about it. sheesh.
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