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Originally Posted by PushnSnow View Post
From my experience, when you pay someone $8 an hour, you get an $8 an hour employee. Pay $16 an hour and you get an $16 an hour employee. They may not produce exactly twice the work, but they will be twice as valuable to the company. They will be more professional. They will take better care of your equipment. The quality of work will improve, therefore enabling you to get contracts that pay better. If the industry can not support livable wages, then the public will continue to see lawn maintenance contractors as something other than professionals. This in turn keeps the industry as a whole down. Like I said, if I can not provide an adequate wage to an employee, then I will not have an employee. When you are known as the contractor that pays well, better quality employees will be available to you. I hear the constant gripes about employees that don't care about the job they do or the way they take care of the equipment. Would you care for $8 an hour? Would you care when you work full time and can not provide meals for your kids or a house for them to live in? Would you care when you work full time and still require the government assistance just to live? The people on this site that like the employees working for them and have positive things to say about them and their work ethic and how they take care of the equipment all compensate those employees well and appreciate them for the value they provide to the company.
I agree with the premise but the numbers are not hard as income is very regional. I think mowers are always going to be on the low income level.
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