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Just wanted to weigh in on the 22156, thr company I previously worked for had 4 of them, they were all great, lots of power, they mulched ok, and side discharged and bagged very well. It didnt have much vaccum to suck up leaves in the fall, but cut very well. They are lightweight, nimble, had very few problems,(one of which was the front tire brackets would bend, but were easily bent back, I think its on purpose so they dont break but instead bend when hitting something hard and also the gas tank was too small for a commercial unit. The side shute is great for long wet grass, and you can even bag with the side shute on, which sounds weird but has its uses. Came with Honda engine that ran strong and always started first pull. I know the Heavy Duty Toros are built like tanks but are very heavy and expensive. Just my thoughts, not bashing anything.
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