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Originally Posted by Schrock lawn and land View Post
its not just me doing the work its my dads companys till i turn 18 its life kreft aa few years ago, i work for the company then when im 18 ill get the company handed over to me because almost all the work ive done on my own, dad only owns it so the companys legal me and my dad have experience doing more then mowing so im going to push all the services i offer if i cant do it i sub it out , and for enjoying my child hood i do just problay not as much as all my friends who drink and smoke
You don't have any pics of the hardscapes you have done? Even if what you say is true and you do all the designing, installing, etc yourself and the business is just in your Dad's name, how many people are going to take your seriously and trust you with anymore than $250 of work? Like Kajun, I think you will have much more feedback with smaller jobs like mowing.
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