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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
yes its 4x4 wouldn't buy one without it probably because of the hills around here in the winter
I know whats hard to find these days is a 4x4 5speed one ton pto dump, ive been searching for a while and you can always find the older late 80's chevys, but it seems no one uses the pto dumps in newer trucks as much, ive found a bunch of 2wd but not any 4x4 close to me any way, i was at the gie expo looking at the chevy booth, checking out a brand new 3500 (and drooling lol) and i had heard that the automatic alison tranny has a place on the side of it for a pto, and i asked the sales rep about it, and the guy looks at me and says "Pto ? what are you talking about" 3 reps later this older gentleman said that they do but something about all of them will have the plate but something about the vin # has to have a certain # or it wont actually have the plate hook up, but he said they work well winches etc. but he didn't know about a dump body? You ever have any experience with that? Or know someone who has tht set up?
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