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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
dude I have no idea what I do. that's why I have an accountant do it. I just give him what he asks for.

someone posted about keeping all receipts and organizing them into categories for tax purposes.

I was just saying my accountant doesn't receive my expenses in categories.

I give him my gross income, a grand total of all my expenses and the totals and names of any equipment I bought or sold. he has no idea how much I spent on fuel or mulch or office supplies or whatever. if I spent 5 grand total for the year between all that stuff that's the number he gets.

I have no idea what he does with the numbers I give him that's why I'm paying him instead of doing it myself.

Your right thats what you pay him for to figure your monies. BUT trust Me when and if the IRS audits they ask for one thing receipts without them its their discresion on what they will allow. BTW your accountant is held harmless unless he is cooking your figures to lower the tax. I learned that lesson only cost Me 8 grand.
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