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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
My chevrolet 6.0 gassers just keep on tickin. General maintanance thats it. I havent even had a tranny rebuilt in one of them in 300,000 miles logged between them.

I have a 97 powerstroke diesel with 138K miles on it and that hunk of garbage plays ring around the rosie with all the mechanics around here. It keeps them all fed. someone said it above, they circled the problem.... I know there not all this way, but I wont own another one I can tell ya that.
Funny, most of my stuff has the old 5.7, I can get a complete "rebuilt" engine for less than 1800$ and rebuilt transmission are less than 2000$, so far never need any.

I did spent 700$ on my box truck last month, Ive had it 5 years and thats the first time Ive done much to it, new radiator, exhaust manifold, water pump,battery,transmission flush, and a trip to the muffler shop to get the exhaust realigned. Hop Im good for another year.
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