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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
A successful organic lawn care program is a systems approach which includes building soil health with organic matter; proper nutrition, irrigation, mowing, seeding, and use of products. Client education is a must.

The organic method should concentrate on prevention rather than control. Reduce the factors which are the causes of a problem rather than using a band-aid approach with products. If you are going to rely on organic control products only, there is a good chance you will fail.

However, when problems such as cinch bugs, grubs or weeds pass an acceptable threshold there are now organic products which will successfully reduce their impact. After an application is made, continue with the process mentioned in the 1st paragraph and fewer applications will be required.

Chemical pesticides work so well that an entire generation has forgotten how to successfully maintain turf without them. This is beginning to change as more LCO's are responding to higher demand for organic lawns. There is a learning curve, but more and more are becoming successful at it.

The lawn below has not seen pesticides in 3 years.
This is the typical blanket answer I have heard so many times can we get some answers on how you organic guys control chinch bugs, naturaly on a site you have?
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