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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
Thats kinda what im figuring out is that its just hard to beat a gas chevrolet truck........ Especially the old vortec 350.

I sold a 98 chevrolet z71 1500 that I bought with 100K miles on it and had 185K on it when it got totalled........... The only thing I did in 85K miles was a fuel pump and I did have to do breaks pretty often from pulling an enclosed with 2 ztrs, and a walke behind. That motor was awesome!!! Not the most powerful but man it just ran good. I take that back i did a tune up to the truck when I bought it at 100K on it. wish the kid wouldnt have went left of center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bas turd!!
With the money Ive put in the powerstroke I could have bought 2 of those chevrolets....... Lesson learned.
Well I guess Im a fan.

2000 box truck 5.7 I guess its a vortex.

1990 cadi 5.7 throttle body with 4 injectors.

1990 corvette TPI

1988 silverado 5.7 throttle body 2 injectors.
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