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It seems like truck prices have definitely been UP in the past 6 months. They do fluctuate a little. When gas was up around $4 a gallon, there were more deals to be had I think. I agree with what another poster said about people trying to offload their crew cab grocery getters for big bucks.

Keep an eye on Craigslist. There are deals to be had, much better if you can bide your time until the right one comes along. Private sellers and dealers both, I see them trying to get well over 10K for a ten year old gas truck with over 100K miles. It's crazy to me! I've always been a fan of buying vehicles 2-3 years old with 30K or less on them, but these days that'll run you like 25K. It's just getting crazy so I'm sitting on my tired old truck and rolling on with no payments for now. Good luck man, keep your eyes open!
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