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This is going to vary wildly for everyone I think. Depends on what size truck, how hard you work it, mileage, etc. For me, my little 2001 6 banger F-150 has been super reliable. I bought it in 2003 with 15K on it and now I'm over 191K. Hasn't nickeled and dimed me much, though I think it may get there soon. I did replace the tranny at 150K, pretty recently replaced rotors all around, a fuel pump, starter solenoid, ball joints, and a heater core. Other than that, same stuff you'll have to do to any truck; tires, brake pads and fluids. Not too bad for 10 years and almost 200K miles.

Now I know that my 4.2 half-ton wouldn't cut it for a lot of you, but for me, my sleepy little truck has paid for itself 100 times over. I'd like to get something newer, but prices just seem too high and I'm only working part time these days. Hope you all have a great 2013!
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