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I have the aluminum binder now and it drives me crazy. Need to remember estimate papers, notebook paper, a pen etc. Then i have to keep track of all that paper. There is quite a bit, as in the spring i do 2-3 estimates per day.
Going with a tablet in the spring. I can still have the old school "legal pad" and "pen", my trusty fill in the blank carbonless copy estimate worksheet, a calculator, downloadable price lists from the nursery, the mulch and topsoil price list and the local equipment rental house Iist. I can pull up pictures of jobs I've done and pictures of trees and shrubs for zones 4-5.
The best part about the tablet is that it saves time and money. I can either print it out right there or email it on the spot. No more back to the office so I can type it out, print, envelope, stamp and mail or even worse, drive back to drop it off. I can' t tell you how many times I got the job because I was the only guy to show up or the only one to get them the estimate. I think a tablet would make me even more efficient and able to get the jobs.
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