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Originally Posted by pjm123a View Post
Hi White Gardens - Could you please expand a bit on your use of the evacuator? I have one. I use it to change the engine oil in my jet skis since there is no way to drain it. So I am familiar with using the evacuator to remove fluid. Are you saying to use it when refilling?

Thank You
You'll want to fill the reservoir and then take out one of the dump valves on one of the pumps, or that's how we used to do it at a shop I worked at.

I used a barbed fitting that I purchased from a hardware store to put in place of the dump valve, and then used thread tape to get a decent seal without really tightening the barbed fitting too much. Then hook the hose of the evacuator to the barbed end and start pulling oil through the system.

Just keep going to you see little to no air coming through the line on the evacuator.

When mowers with hydro systems are built in the factory, they use the same type of system to fill the hydros. When I worked for Dixie Chopper, they recommended that we had an evacuator in the shop for hydro work.

I would call Scag though to confirm this method with them first though to be on the safe side.

As for ATF and acetone, yes it does work and know some people that use it and say it's awesome. I've also heard of ATF and turpentine.

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