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14.5 hr job? geez how big was the yard? as a solo i would never take on a job of that size to begin with. at my rate that would be $725. noone would ever pay even half of that. that's why i don't do those jobs. i do 3 acre leaf jobs that only take 2 1/2-3hrs at most. these leaves aren't 3ft deep when i do them though. i would've told them upfront it's gonna cost more than they wanna pay. as a solo you gotta know when to draw the line and it's a learning experience. my first year i took on some jobs like that. taking on more than was practical for me to do. i learned i'm not gonna take on a job that takes me more than 4hrs to do. it's best to just leave those jobs for the big companies to do. they have 10 guys they can send out to tackle something like that. working alone on it you just wear your body out and you never get paid well enough for it. everyone has different limits. you just gotta set yours. i doubt you are gonna get paid at all for the job. that's the worst part about it. all that work for nothing. i would try to get them to pay what they can and cut your losses and learn from it.
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