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Ok, i went online to Google and filed a webspam report on them, and will follow up with a call to google tomorrow.
When u said duplicate cont. , I thought, "what a coincidence, i said proudly serving, and someone else did" and didn't take it seriously, and when i went and looked at it...even the colors were the same!!!

Jeez consider it "getting sorted"

The last time i got cheated in a similar manner- made posters that could hold buz. Cards, and a company took the cards out and replaced them with their buz cards, and then told me to "$&@$ off" i called "blocked" and gave them a random address an hour away,and got a quote over the phone and to please go ahead and do the cleanup.
I then called them in the evening and said "where were you?!
He said he started to work and someone ran out and stopped them. I convinced them that they were supposed to be at a different # (reversed the numbers) a couple blocks away,that i really needed to have a meeting of the minds, and that i needed them to be there at 6:00 sharp to make sure they understood. I said I would probably be in the back room getting ready for work, so ring the bell several times and knock loud please.........(good times)
Don Bullis-

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